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The primary benefits of outsourcing your content and editorial needs to BSI:


  • Speed: We are always ready and able to start or step-in to a new project same-day due to our pre-existing pool of trained professionals.
  • Quality: We exert exacting quality control on our outbound data flows. Outbound content is scrutinised by numerous levels of editorial oversight. Everything goes in front of a top-level editor before being released. These top-level editors have extensive publishing and subject experience.

  • Cost: We feel confident we can beat existing content provision costs, due to our internal synergy and pre-existing network.

  • Flexibility: Stop or start a project as you please. Amend project parameters mid-build. Accelerate or decelerate a build. We handle all of these scenarios without negative repercussions for cost or quality.

  • Deadlines: We pride ourselves on never having missed a deadline.

  • Management: A single point of contact, available directly during working hours and on-call during non-office hours. Working internationally, we do not observe national holidays. The senior team manager will always be in a position to answer your questions, act on your requests and make things happen.

  • Redundancy: In depth operations and editorial staffing ensures full redundancy to deal with all eventualities.

  • Reporting: Regular reporting to suit your requirements.