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BSI provides a variety of research services, for both primary and secondary data sources.


By primary source, we mean, for example, legislation, government reports, industry research papers, etc. Newspaper reports are a good example of a secondary source.


Our legal research department can work directly from primary sources, such as legislation or court case verdicts. Combining specialist linguists with experienced legal researchers, we can provide citations and translated extracts of legislation in support of our research findings.


We can also track, continuously, significant developments in primary source material, such as legislative developments reported in official governmental gazettes. We are already tracking gazettes for a number of clients, who need to have a direct eye on the primary source of legislative developments in their sector, in many countries and languages around the world.


Whilst primary source research, tracking and monitoring is often seen as superior to reliance on secondary sources, it is usually a combination of both that yields the best result. For example, legislative developments are often trailed well ahead of time in the local media - a politician might drop hints, in an interview. There are many examples where secondary source research can be every bit as valuable as primary source reporting, and we pride ourselves on being able to filter, corroborate and report vital information early.